TVision’s Terms & Conditions require you to give T-Mobile an opportunity to resolve all disputes before filing a claim in court or in arbitration. See TVision’s Terms and Conditions (available at for more information and for how to contact T-Mobile to resolve your dispute.

If you are unable to resolve a dispute with T-Mobile and you wish to assert a legal claim, the Terms & Conditions require that your claim be resolved in arbitration or in small claims court — unless you opted out of arbitration. TVision subscribers may opt out of arbitration within 30 days from the date of activating their TVision service.

In order to opt out of arbitration you must either complete the opt out form on this website or call toll-free 1-866-323-4405 and provide the information requested. If more than 30 days has passed since you activated your service, you may not be eligible to opt out of arbitration, and any opt out you submit may not be valid.

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